• Features and Benefits of Motorization

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    Convenience and Ease

    What if your shades are very large or heavy? What if there are two, three, four, or more shades to operate? What if you needed to operate your shades while you were away, from perhaps your phone or computer? With automated window treatments, sunlight is controlled with the push of a button, saving you time and effort.


    Motorized shades are especially designed for:

    • Large windows
    • Hard to reach windows
    • Many windows
    • Skylights
    • Second-story openings
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    Energy Conservation

    Energy efficient window treatments are the best way to conserve energy and reduce a buildings overall energy usage. Protect furnishings from harmful UV rays and lower energy bills by balancing natural and artificial light as well as managing heat loss and gain. Allow our team to place your shades on timers, to allow you shades to raise and lower at specific times, therefore reducing costly monthly energy bills. Learn how window treatments act as insulation by clicking here.

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    Did you know? As much as 40% of heating and cooling is lost through the windows in a home or office building. It make sense to monitor and reduce energy costs where possible.

    Child Safety and Home Security

    Motorized option allows for elimination of ugly cords, leaving you with a sleek, uniform look. This is also the best solution for child safety, eliminating cords to prevent injury or death. Protect Your Most Valuable Possessions. Zones of windows coverings can be programmed in various modes to make your house look occupied while away at work or on vacation.

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    UV Protection From the Sun

    Automatically protect your valuable furnishings. Many homeowners too often experience the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays on floors, carpets, furniture, window treatments, wall coverings and artwork. Wireless timers & sun sensors are available which allow users to program specific times of the day to automatically adjust window coverings in different areas of the house, protecting interiors from the fading and damaging effects of direct sunlight.

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    Instant Privacy

    One Touch privacy helps create the ideal environment for your personal needs. By using wireless wall switches, window coverings may be controlled when entering or exiting a room, just like the lights. The switch may be seamlessly installed without wiring next to any light switch or stand alone and is never out of place